Ocius' Utilities Plus represents an innovative, easy to deploy system for processing, paying and consolidating a property's recurring utility bills. Ocius' leading-edge solution offers property owners and managers, the following:

  • Pay all utilities, including electric, gas, water, and telephone from one consolidated, payables program. 
  • Recovers vacant unit charges to help reimburse costs when tenants have not promptly transferred their utility service after moving in
  • Comprehensive analysis of all energy use and costs, via easy to establish, user-defined parameters
  • Ability to collect and report on benchmark data
  • Sophisticated reporting with more than 100 standard reports

Client Benefits

Ocius' Utilities Plus delivers the following bottom-line client benefits:

  • Eliminates the creation, mailing and tracking of checks to multiple utility providers
  • Ocius identifies overcharges or inaccurate bills and contacts the utility to resolve the issue
  • Elimination of late fees
  • Integrates with Ocius'Convergent Billing Service
  • Vacant unit cost recovery through resident chargeback
  • 7x24, web-based access for clients to generate reports, review statements, and research archival data

Customer Service Enhancements

Ocius' Utilities Plus seasoned team of customer service professionals can deliver the following advantages:

  • Outsourcing of bill dispute services
  • Diligent follow-up on investigating questionable bill charges, driving to rapid, efficient resolutions
  • Greater reliability and consistency with resident bills and related documentation

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